[pmwiki-users] Separate wikilib.d into separate directories

Scott Connard connard at dsg-inc.com
Mon Jul 14 11:33:55 CDT 2008

Pm wrote:
> I'd like to split the wikilib.d/ directory into separate directories
> for "system" pages (Site.*, SiteAdmin.*) and "documentation" pages
> (PmWiki.*, others).  But I'm not sure how to make the split in a way
> that (1) makes sense to others and (2) causes the least disruption.
> First, I think that to minimize disruption the Site.* and SiteAdmin.*
> pages probably need to remain in wikilib.d/ .  If we move them
> to a different location, and a site is directly setting the entire
> $WikiLibDirs array, then it will omit the new place that those
> files go, which would be bad.
> So, if the Site* files need to remain in wikilib.d/, we need a
> new place for the documentation.  I propose wikidoc.d/ , but would
> like to hear others' ideas and suggestions.
> If we also need to see about providing a function for recipes to
> manipulate $WikiLibDirs, I'm open to proposals for that.  (Resend
> if you've already made one.)

I don't have any problem with moving documentation to a wikidoc.d/  
directory.  The only other pages I see in wikilib.d/ are  
Main.HomePage and Main.WikiSandbox.  Since they are fairly important  
for a new site, I would include them in the new wikilib.d/ directory  
and NOT move them to wikidoc.d/.

Scott Connard.

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