[pmwiki-users] Lost edits

Stephen Garland garland at csail.mit.edu
Tue Jul 15 11:33:26 CDT 2008


Is there some automatic way for PmWiki to create checkpoints (aka backup 
copies) of edits that are in progress? 

Alternatively, is there some explicit way for users to save in-progress 
edits without having the save appear in the page history of list of 
recent changes?

Screed (to be read only if you wish and/or your answers to my questions 
are "no")

Some feature like this is important (imperative) to prevent significant 
loss of time and effort when something does wrong.

The only information I've seen related to this problem for PmWiki seem 
to characterize it as a problem for "newbies".  However, newbies are not 
the only ones who lose network connectivity, hit the wrong key by 
mistake, or haven't yet learned when PmWiki will inexplicably discard 
edits (e.g., when attaching a file to a page being edited).  And even if 
they are, good software doesn't set booby traps.

I may be a PmWiki newbie, but I have used (and created) several other 
Wikis in the past without getting killed anywhere near as often as I've 
been killed by PmWiki, which I started to use because it was the 
quickest way to get up and running for a new consulting engagement.  
However, I will be forced to abandon PmWiki and switch to one of its 
competitors if it continues to make me loose substantial amounts of time.

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