[pmwiki-users] patch for wikiforms - how to get search to use editeform

david roundell roundelld at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 17 00:21:58 CDT 2008

>by specifying order=servername i've found this disables the order for 
>other columns on that form. so if i decide to click a form heading on 
>order by criticality the order does not change. i'm assuming the first 
>order is taking precedence? not a problem for me but thought i'd mention it!
>Looks like a bug. I uploaded a revised version last night; give it a try.
>Available from Cookbook/WikiForms. The order= option was over-writing the order= from the url.
yes the updated wikiforms does correct the 'bug' on ordering the fields.
many thanks (again!)
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