[pmwiki-users] subpages.php corrupted! (vincent)

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Thu Jul 17 18:35:14 CDT 2008

>Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2008 03:45:30 +0200
>From: <vincent at vizway.se>
>Subject: [pmwiki-users] subpages.php corruted!
>Hi, I want to try out subpages and dowloaded subpages.php at
>but the file is corrupted and there is no e-mail to John Rankin.
>Is there some one who can repair it?

I have uploaded the current version again. It looked to me as if
the file was a Microsoft Word document, masquerading as a php
script. Has this happened to any other uploads? 

I'll have to remind myself what new features are in the latest
version and update the documentation. However, let me point out
a couple of things:

- a case can be made that one uses subpages (or subgroups) only
  as a last resort, when all other design approaches have proved
  unable to meet the need -- when you need them, they are 
  essential; unless they are essential, they add unnecessary
  complexity (just my opinion, YMMV)

- there is one feature the recipe should have, but I can't
  figure out how to add it -- if Group.PageX has an edit
  password set, then Group.PageX,SubpageA should inherit
  the password, in the same way that pages in Group inherit
  any Group password settings; unfortunately, a page-level
  password applies only to the page and not its subpages
  (it must be possible to fix this, but I can't see how)

I'd be interested in feedback on whether the subpages recipe 
is useful and should be developed further.

John Rankin
Affinity Limited
T 64 4 495 3737
F 64 4 473 7991
john.rankin at affinity.co.nz

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