[pmwiki-users] Fox upgrade breaks Shoutbox

Scott Smith smackaysmith at gmail.com
Fri Jul 18 08:33:39 CDT 2008

I upgraded to the latest Fox files. Now, my Shoutbox doesn't work properly.
I enter text and post, and then a blank page displays.

I have several other forms using the latest Fox, and I have no problems.

Here's my lightly edited version of Shoutbox--

(:if ! equal {$Author} "":)
(:fox shoutbox #top target=Systems/ShoutBox:)
(:input hidden author value='{$Author}' :)
(:input textarea class=shoutbox shout cols=20 rows=2:)
(:input submit post Enter:)
(:foxtemplate "%red%{$$author}%% [-{$$(date:M j, 'y  g
(:foxend shoutbox:)
(:include Systems/ShoutBox lines=30:)
%right%[[Systems/ShoutBox|more >>]]
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