[pmwiki-users] Possible bug in pmwiki-2.1.27

Philipp Kazakow finar at finar.ru
Thu Jul 24 12:40:17 CDT 2008

Hello, everyone!

I'm using pmwiki-2.1.27 and I think that I've found a bug there.
I use UTF-8 encoding with Cyrillic characters (russian). And in this case
Conditional Markup *(:if:)* stops working when my page grew enough.

For example, I have a page with ~19000 characters (that page
with simple code

> (:if true:)foo(:ifend:)
on the top of it. It works alright.

After this, I add 1000 more characters of simle text, so it gets 20000 in
summary. At that moment my content just dissapears! All the code is still on
its place, but no parsing goes on, and in "View" mode I see nothing.
Immediately after deleting "(:if true:)123(:ifend:)" from the top of code,
my page starts working normally.

I've tested my site on my local webserver XAMPP under Windows, and got the
same result.

If it is not inconvenient to you, please help me to solve that problem.

Best regards,
Finar (www.finar.ru).
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