[pmwiki-users] Twitter/collaboration ... (:isdoing what aboutimplementing a status field:) ?

Stéphane Heckel hsteph at club-internet.fr
Thu Jul 24 18:58:11 CDT 2008

"The Editor" wrote :

> A nice idea. I'm wondering if you would list all the profile pages?

should be configurable, ...
- the 'x' recently updated    and/or
- the last 4, 8, 12 hours, ...

> And would each person only be able to list one item, or have a list of 
> several...

- what about having the 'x' recently updated in the category 
[[!BusinessUnitY]], so can profile members of your team ?

There is a similar feature in www.linkedin.com. When you click on the "What 
are you working on ?" link, you're prompted to enter your 'status', ... if 
you save it, all your contacts can see your new status, ...

This 'status' string would be stored in your profile page like this 
(:isdoing status:)



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