[pmwiki-users] IncludeSite and frames

Alister Mitchell alister.mitchell at btinternet.com
Sun Jul 27 13:14:55 CDT 2008

Hello everyone.
Please excuse a potentially silly question.
SiteInclude works very well for me but, as might be expected, clicking a
link on the included site moves the browser away from the PmWiki site to the
included one.  I'd like the included site in to remain inside the PmWiki
Unless I've missed something, I would assume that you can't do that with an
iframe and would need a full frameset which operates as a set of separate
browser windows.
In principle, would it be possible to write a template based on frames?  If
so, has anyone got any hints on the way it might be done?

Many thanks,


Alister Mitchell
(Glasgow, Scotland)
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