[pmwiki-users] group name aphabetization

adam overton a at plus1plus1plus.org
Mon Jul 28 17:29:22 CDT 2008

a ha

i had never see this page before:

(i didn't see the teeny link to it from the pagelist page)

the PTV section at the bottom is great - i'm finally realizing the  
ingenuity of using PTVs here and there.
now i have a modified version of newgroupbox that, towards the end of  
the script, adds:

		$wholenameArray = explode(" ",$groupSpaced);
		$wholenameArraySize = count($wholenameArray);
		$firstName = $wholenameArray[0];
		$lastName = $wholenameArray[$wholenameArraySize-1];
		$new['text'] = "(:FirstName:$firstName:)(:LastName: 
$lastName:)";   // ADDED BY AO 8/28/08 -- add

and i can now use (:pagelist ... order=$:LastName :) to order by last  
of course, this doesn't work appropriately if, as Vince mentioned,  
the page gets John Smith Jr, or if someone enters an organization's  
name, "Organization AAA" (which one would want to list under the  
O's), but i doubt that any more than a hundred or so users may  
actually create groups on this site, and it probably won't be that  
laborious to correct the handful ordering issues that arise by  
editing the PTVs on their Index pages...

thanks vince for the heads up on custom sorting...

On 27 Jul 2008, at 11:39 AM, Vince Administration wrote:

> Adam,
> You could write your own sort order. I gave up (with actually the  
> same problem) because I
> didn't really want to handle  John R Smith  vs John V Smith vs John  
> L Smith Jr.
>      Vince
> On Jul 27, 2008, at 2:01 PM, adam overton wrote:
>> hi there
>> i'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a special case of
>> pagelist alphabetization...
>> for the site, users come and name new groups using their own name, so
>> that we've got a list of groups like so:
>> Groups:
>> Jane Moe
>> John Doe
>> Albert Foe
>> etc
>> at the moment, if i use pagelist and order=name, then the list turns
>> out ordered by first name:
>> Albert Foe
>> Jane Moe
>> John Doe
>> my question: is there an ingenious way to alphabetize group names via
>> the last word (which will in this case usually be the last name?) so
>> that i get:
>> John Doe
>> Albert Foe
>> Jane Moe
>> ?
>> thanks!
>> adam
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