[pmwiki-users] Registration and/or sign-in (how to integrate it into my web site?)

Carl Fallon carlfallon at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 31 00:52:20 CDT 2008

I am unable to figure out how to integrate a form of members sign in / regisration form for within my website. 
Can anyone please give me advice??? Here is the page that I have set up.
http://www.botanybaywatch.com.au/ The link is the red circle on the right. 
It allows a volunteers to register, but doesnt allow them to sign in afterwards. 
Can anyone show me a good example of what system of membership or signin, I should be using for my site? 
I just cant figure it out.   ;( 
Cheers guys. 
Thanking you in advanced.l 
Carl Fallon
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