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The various control flow elements (conditionals, looping, etc.) within
WikiSh are implemented as part of the {(wikish .)} MX rather than being
individual MXes themselves.  Thus {(if test .)} is undefined as far as
WikiSh is concerned.  It needs to be {(wikish if test .)}


While developing your solution you will probably find the control panel to
be *very* helpful.  It allows you to type this:


if test 3 -gt 4


   echo YES


   echo NO



And it will convert it to {(wikish if test 3 -gt 4; then; echo YES; else;
echo NO; fi;)} and show you the results.


If you'd like to explore other options I'm pretty sure you could fairly
easily (?) expand (:if .:) functionality to include a > or < comparison
using the $Conditions array.  I've never done it, but looking at the setting
for "equals" in pmwiki.php I think you could expand it like this:


$Conditions['gt'] = 'CompareArgs($condparm) > 0';

$Conditions['ge'] = 'CompareArgs($condparm) >= 0';

$Conditions['lt'] = 'CompareArgs($condparm) < 0';

$Conditions['le'] = 'CompareArgs($condparm) <= 0';


Or something like that.  Others who have worked with this $Condition
variable can give a more exact answer.





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i'm trying out WikiSh for the first time

and am wondering why both



{(if test 3 -gt 4; then; echo YES; else; echo NO; fi)}




{(set Num1 = 3)}

{(set Num2 = 4)}

{(if test ${Num1} -gt ${Num2}; then; echo "YES"; else; echo "NO"; fi)}



spit out "3" instead of NO?


btw, is WikiSh my only option if i just want to do a > or < operation?




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