[pmwiki-users] IncludeUrl problem

Julius jultus at gmail.com
Fri Jun 6 07:41:20 CDT 2008

Julius Thyssen wrote:

> Markup(
> 'html',
> 'fulltext',
> '/\\(:html:\\)(.*?)\\(:htmlend:\\)/esi',
> "'<:block>'.Keep(str_replace(array('&gt;', '&lt;', '&amp;'),
> array('>', '<', '&'), PSS('$1')))");

By the way, I accidentally copy pasted this bit. Sorry for the confusion.

Of importance is the fact that I have
$EnableExternalResource = 0;
in my config file. It makes
(:includeurl http://address.com/projects/test/iets/activnew.php:)
invalid, which works fine. But when I point to the local address, like:

(:includeurl /var/web/projects/test/iets/activnew.php:)
(:includeurl /projects/test/iets/activnew.php:)
(:includeurl /test/iets/activnew.php:)
(:includeurl /iets/activnew.php:)
(:includeurl ../projects/test/iets/activnew.php:)
(:includeurl ../test/iets/activnew.php:)
(:includeurl ../iets/activnew.php:)
(:includeurl ../../projects/test/iets/activnew.php:)
(:includeurl ../../test/iets/activnew.php:)
(:includeurl ../../iets/activnew.php:)

do not work, and yield a blank page.


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