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This is an easy mistake to make and one I make often as well.


The "if" construct expects a valid MX command which in this case should be
"test".  Thus {(wikish if ${#word} -gt 10.)} should be {(wikish if test
${#word} -gt 10.)}.


I've placed on the development roadmap to give a helpful error message if a
non-MX token is found immediately after if.





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and one more WikiSh question while we're at it:


and again, i'm not understanding why this won't work - i want to check the
length of a string, and if it's too long, i'd like to print something
different out... this is what i had hoped would work:


          {(set -s word = "blammo")}

          result: {(wikish if ${#word} -gt 10; then; echo "string too big";
else; echo "string just right"; fi)}


however, the result i get is


          result = {#word} -gt 10)

          string too big



any ideas on how i can get the string length to be treated like a number and
then successfully pushed thru the if statement?




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