[pmwiki-users] Basic Page Group Management

Chris Acerak legacy at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 17:07:21 CDT 2008


I've been using the Simpla skin for my internal helpdesk site and have
noticed one odd behavior pattern that I'm hoping someone can point me in the
right direction on how to fix this.

My installation is at:

   http://helpdesk.domain.com/wiki/index.php (using the index.php redirect)

I've created a basic set of 'how to' documents located at:


However, the URL trail shows only up to the first /HowTo and entering '
http://helpdesk.domain.com/wiki/index.php/HowTo/' gives me the 'The page "
HowTo" doesn't exist. (Create
error message. If I click on the 'Create' link, I'm then taken to a page
that already exists if I were to use '

Obviously something isn't resolving properly and was hoping to get some

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