[pmwiki-users] Upload Directory

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Sun Jun 15 21:03:50 CDT 2008

I'm setting $UploadDir and $UploadUrlFmt in farmconfig.php, but the 
values I see on the wiki pages seem to be the default /pmwiki/uploads 
directory. I set other directory paths with no problem. Just the uploads 
doesn't seem to be set to whatever I use. Just to be sure, I've also 
tried setting the paths in config.php, same result.

   $UploadUrlFmt = 'mr2wiki.com/uploads';
   $UploadDir = '/home/myusername/domains/mr2wiki.com/uploads';

An example is http://mr2wiki.com/AllModels/RefinishingMulti-pieceWheels; 
each of the URL's ("rusty bolts", "oxidized lip") are images in the 
uploads directory -- but the path has the /pmwiki/ in there.

I'm running b59.

  ~ ~ Dave

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