[pmwiki-users] changing groups?

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Tue Jun 17 10:44:28 CDT 2008

> for i in BBaCommunity.*
> do
>   mv ${i} ${i#BBa}
> done

It seems to me that the real issue is not switching from GroupA.PageA
to GroupB.PageB but keep an eye and update any and every link,
reference, GroupA.PageA.php file and so on which is resident on the
wiki install, at any level.
The change should happen also inside any document of the wiki.

And even if you succeed in doing so, links to old GroupA.PageA would
be around on the internet for long (links live inside emails, blogs,
neswletters, regular internet pages,...) and these also should be
handled properly.


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