[pmwiki-users] FoxForum - Auto create forum thread name

stevecrisp at gmail.com stevecrisp at gmail.com
Sun Jun 22 15:23:06 CDT 2008

2008/6/22  <stevecrisp at gmail.com>:
> FYI, my Site.Page action Discuss configuration looks like this:
> (:if [ ! exists Forum.{*$Group}-{*$Name} and ! group Forum ]:)
> * {[foxedit label=Discuss form=FoxTemplates.NewTopicForm
> target=Forum.{*$Group}-{*$Name}]}
> (:if [ exists Forum.{*$Group}-{*$Name} and ! group Forum ]:)
> * [[Forum.{*$Group}-{*$Name} | Discuss
> ({Forum.{*$Group}-{*$Name}$FoxPostCount})]]
> (:ifend:)
> Thanks very much Hans for your superb support and ideas,
> -Steve.

I've just noticed a slight formating issue.  My foxedit generated
'Discuss' link above is displayed differently (slightly smaller) than
the other links around it e.g. View, Edit, Attach (a.wikilink style).
It looks like foxedit has its own style for a.foxeditlink in
pub/fox/fox.css.  For now I've commented out the font-size line below:

a.foxdellink, a.foxeditlink {
/*	font-size:83%; */

Is this the right thing to do?  Perhaps I should have done something
from with Site.PageActions to override the class of the discuss link
with a.wikilink.  Not sure how I would do this though.

P.S: This really does make for a very neat discussion solution :-)

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