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Tue Jun 24 22:03:19 CDT 2008

At 04:51 PM 6/24/2008, you wrote:
>> Whoops... this does not solve one of my requirements and that is to
>> automatically redirect if the user is already logged in. Even after
>> logging in if the client clicks on the main left side link they will
>> be prompted to login again. Hummm... this is getting frustrating...
>try this for the login link:
>(:if !auth read:)[[Clients.HomePage?action=login| login]](:if:)

The link is in a left side menu that is on all pages and these pages are public. So, this conditional is always true.

I changed it to this and I think we finally solved it:
(:if authpw 0:)* [[Client.HomePage?action=login| Client Access]](:ifend:)
(:if !authpw 0:)* [[Client.HomePage| Client Access]](:ifend:)

I also installed the RedirectSilent recipe to create clean redirect.

Oh No! This never ends... looks like all somebody has to do it just attempt a password, don't have to be correct, and my Client.HomePage conditionals above will be true. How can I test if authpw exists and is valid?


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