[pmwiki-users] Page question

Peter Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Wed Jun 25 04:26:33 CDT 2008

>> Right now we have a "Client" page with a list of our client names. If you click on a name it is linked to a page that requires a password. Each client page has a unique password. We're not using AuthUser, just the default attr for each page.
>> But what we'd like to do is have the password prompt show up as soon as you click on the main "Clients" page and then depending on the password entered it would take you to that specific clients page.

Here is the solution slightly changed to read from a page:

===(snip config.php)===
Markup('GotoClientPage', 'inline',
function GotoClientPage($pagename)
       $p = ReadPage("Client.Homepages", READPAGE_CURRENT);
       $ClientList = preg_grep("/^[A-Z]\w*.[A-Z]\w*$/", explode("\n",
       $gotopage = null;
       foreach ($ClientList as $homepage) {
          if (CondAuth($homepage, 'read')) {
             $gotopage = $homepage;
       if ($gotopage)
===(end snip config.php)===

Now Client.Homepages should contain a list of client homepages, one
per line.  Note that nothing except the group.pagename should exist on
the line and both the group and the pagename must start with
upper-case, as is required by pmwiki.  For presentation purposes on
the Client.Homepages you can place a (:linebreaks:) at the top and
since it doesn't match a group.pagename pattern it will be ignored in
terms of the list of homepages.

It sounds like other solutions are meeting your needs - I'm just
throwing this out as an alternative.  The advantages, as I see them,
are (1) passwords are not placed in plaintext, neither in config.php
nor in a page and (2) as a result there is no need to keep page
passwords and an external password list synchronized.  Adding a new
client requires creating the client homepage with the appropriate read
password and adding that homepage to the Client.Homepages page.


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