[pmwiki-users] passing an http variable into newgroupbox form

adam overton a at plus1plus1plus.org
Sat Jun 28 17:47:46 CDT 2008

i'm having a slight trouble with newgroupbox

on my site, when someone tries to access a group that doesn't exist,  
i've added to my 'Site.PageNotFound' a link to a  
MySite.CreateNewGroup?v={*$Group}, with the non-existent group added  
to the link as an http variable...

when the user clicks, they end up at the CreateNewGroup page, where  
NewGroupBox is installed, and i've the following conditional code:

	(:cellnr width=100% align=center:)
	(:if !equal {$urlVarV} "":)
	(:newgroupbox base=Index size=25 label="Create Profile"  
button="right" value="{$urlVarV}" focus=false save=true:)
	(:newgroupbox base=Index size=25 label="Create Profile"  
button="right" value="Enter New Group Here" focus=true save=true:)

(note: i've got $urlVarV set up in my config to $_REQUEST "v" from  
the URL)

this *seems* to work fine up to this point - the new group name  
stored in the variable "v" successfully shows up as the default in  
the textbox.
however, when i finally click "Create Profile", nothing happens. if i  
then delete the default text, and re-enter it manually, everything  
works fine, and i'm redirected to the new group.

is there any way to get this form to accept and submit its default  
value when an http variable is providing it?


. . .

a at plus1plus1plus.org
661 373 8679

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