[pmwiki-users] passing an http variable into newgroupbox form

adam overton a at plus1plus1plus.org
Sat Jun 28 18:54:55 CDT 2008

something very interesting just happened
it turns out the form will create a new group if the default value  
starts with a lowercase letter, but not in the reverse.
for instance:

... hitting submit leads the successful creation of the group CatMan

... hitting submit fails

is this a bug?
any suggestions for a workaround?


> Hi
> i'm having a slight trouble with newgroupbox
> on my site, when someone tries to access a group that doesn't  
> exist, i've added to my 'Site.PageNotFound' a link to a  
> MySite.CreateNewGroup?v={*$Group}, with the non-existent group  
> added to the link as an http variable...
> when the user clicks, they end up at the CreateNewGroup page, where  
> NewGroupBox is installed, and i've the following conditional code:
> 	(:cellnr width=100% align=center:)
> 	(:if !equal {$urlVarV} "":)
> 	(:newgroupbox base=Index size=25 label="Create Profile"  
> button="right" value="{$urlVarV}" focus=false save=true:)
> 	(:else:)
> 	(:newgroupbox base=Index size=25 label="Create Profile"  
> button="right" value="Enter New Group Here" focus=true save=true:)
> 	(:ifend:)
> 	(:tableend:)
> (note: i've got $urlVarV set up in my config to $_REQUEST "v" from  
> the URL)
> this *seems* to work fine up to this point - the new group name  
> stored in the variable "v" successfully shows up as the default in  
> the textbox.
> however, when i finally click "Create Profile", nothing happens. if  
> i then delete the default text, and re-enter it manually,  
> everything works fine, and i'm redirected to the new group.
> is there any way to get this form to accept and submit its default  
> value when an http variable is providing it?
> thanks!
> adam
> . . .
> a at plus1plus1plus.org
> 661 373 8679
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