[pmwiki-users] Problem with $SearchPatterns

"Kai Bühler (celanio GmbH)" info at celanio.de
Sun Jun 29 04:22:01 CDT 2008

Hi Peter,
thanks for your words, they solved my problem.
I documented it to the cookbook 
http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/SearchPatterns (last q/a) but I also 
saw later you wrote something about it in March this year 

One last question: I understand that the ! is the exclude parameter, but 
I didn't find if I have to use \\ or \ behind my group?
What's the difference between \ and \\ ? Are both wildcards? In my case 
it works and it does not find content which is e.g. in Group P0035, but 
I would like to understand it 100% ;-)
Is there an explanation article around which explains ^, \ ?


Peter Bowers wrote:
> The function MatchPageNames() (which implements the $SearchPatterns[]
> functionality) expects all INCLUSIVE conditions to be in a SINGLE
> entry (EXCLUSIVE patterns can be in as many array elements as you
> like).  Or, more accurately stated, it requires that ALL inclusive
> patterns will be true (these inclusive patterns are combined with AND
> instead of OR as might be expected).  Since no page can have a group
> of De AND a group of CRM it doesn't match.
> Here is what you are looking for, I believe:
> $SearchPatterns['default'][] ='/^De\\.|^CRM\\.|^FAQ\\.|^Glossar\\./';
> $SearchPatterns['default'][] ='!^P\.!';
> I think that will do what you are looking for.
> -Peter

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