[pmwiki-users] Looking for advise on how to create a blog archive

Jan Erik Moström lists at mostrom.pp.se
Sun Jun 29 13:59:22 CDT 2008

I would like to ask a few questions of how to build a blog, I've think
I've managed to figure out most of the things but I would like to have
some advise of how to create an archive page (or pages).

First some background: I've currently implemented the blog with one
entry per page, each page is named according to this format:


for example


Each page has the following format

(:title Some clever title :)
(:bdate:2008-05-06 23:58:32:)

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Integer mi
dui, varius non, fermentum eget, adipiscing in, odio. Cum

I'm trying to figure out what is the best way to create some archive
pages for a blog. I want to have a page with a listing similar to this
(but I'm open for other suggestions):

    06 - June
    05 - May
    04 - April
    02 - February
    01 - January

    12 - December
    11 - November

Note that there is no listing for March 2008 since there were no entries
made during that month.Each entry would link to a page that contained
the entries for that month. A month listing would look like this

2008-05 May
    2008-05-01 11:56    kasjh dsaoij dasjd dsajdsjkds jdks
    2008-05-01 15:23    jlkj fdsiojrew jdsalj dasljd alskdjas dsalj
    2008-05-06 23.58    Some clever title
    2008-05-07 12:13    daslj dsaöljd sdakj dsalkdj asdlkj

I've been trying to figure out how I should create these archive
listings. I could probably come up with some way of creating static
pages, that is I create the main index page manually and then create
an archive page for each month using pagelists for creating the actual
listing. But it would be *much* nicer if everything was created
dynamically ... unfortunately I don't have an idea if this is possible
and if it's practical (and efficient) to do it this way.

I would appreciate any comments/suggestions you have.

Jan Erik Moström, www.mostrom.pp.se

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