[pmwiki-users] quirk with nested-if

adam overton a at plus1plus1plus.org
Mon Jun 30 02:48:23 CDT 2008

i'm running into an odd issue with the nested-if recipe, and  
wondering if there's a fix...
here's the deal:

let's say i have a page called Main.TestInclude with the following  
set of nestedIfs:
	(:if0 true:)
	(:ifA true:)
	(:if1 true:)
	if0,ifA,if1 true
	if0,ifA true if1 false
	(:if2 true:)
	if0,if2 true, ifA false
	if0 true, if2,ifA false
	if0 false

if i then include it on another page, say in the WikiSandbox, using  
(:include UDP.TestInclude:),
then it works fine, and prints out:

			if0,ifA,if1 true

however, if i then stick (:include UDP.TestInclude:) into  
Site.SiteFooter, and then load any page on the site, it malfunctions  
and spits out onto the page part of the conditional (i.e. it doesn't  
execute it all):

	(:if1 true:)
	if0,ifA,if1 true
	if0,ifA true if1 false

is there a way to correct this?

. . .

a at plus1plus1plus.org
661 373 8679

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