[pmwiki-users] Fox form redirect

Randy randy at brownragfilms.com
Sat Mar 1 14:41:25 CST 2008

Simplicity good. Tricky bad.

I don't see any documentation about how foxsuccess and foxfailure  
work. Do developers have access to the success / failure results? If  
you have a successredirect= that only redirects if all goes well, then  
maybe the rest could be done on the form page using a message value,  
success variable, or Get value.

For example:

(:if equal {$foxfailure}:)
\\ [[MyFailureRedirectPage | Continue...]]
...fox form goes here...


On Mar 1, 2008, at 2:19 PM, Hans wrote:

> You can set foxsuccess= and foxfailure= options in a fox form.
> And Fox does some error reporting, shown by using th e(:messages:)
> markup. The problem here is that if you use redirect, all these
> messages will not show! The redirect page just shows as-is.
> So do we want options to redirect to a number of dedicated error
> pages, cancel page, success page etc? And do the messages need to be
> routed to thes epages? It gets more and more tricky...
>  ~Hans

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