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Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Sat Mar 1 15:27:40 CST 2008

Saturday, March 1, 2008, 7:43:53 PM, Hans wrote:

> How do you set a pagelist order according to the PTV votes value?

Oh, i see: order=-$:votes

Here is the whole Ideas.Ideas page (excluding an include of a comment
form), just edit the url paths for the arrow images, and install
fox.php and serial.php (and set Fox page permissions for the Ideas
Note that if this is an open wiki, it is just too easy too vote
several times to influence a voting score!

>>frame rfloat<<
Search Ideas: (:searchbox group=Ideas:)
!!Most popular ideas
Your ideas concerning PmWiki interest us. Please post your ideas and vote for the ones you like!
(:fox newideas template=#newidea redirect=1:)
(:input hidden newedit '{$$(serial Ideas)}':)
Enter a title: (:input text title size=40:) 
(:input submit post "Enter your idea":) 
(:foxend newideas:)

(:pagelist group=Ideas name=-Ideas.Ideas list=normal fmt=#votinglist include=15 order=-$:votes:)

(:if false:)
(:title {$$title}:)(:votes: 0:)

%comment% add your idea here 

(:template first:)
(:table width=100% :)
(:template each:)
(:cellnr width=10%:)
(:fox upvotes redirect={*$FullName} post=1:)
(:foxptv target={=$FullName} ptvfields=votes:)
(:input hidden votes '{$$(add {{=$FullName}$:votes} 1)}':)
(:input image name=post src='http://..../pmwiki/uploads/Ideas/up.png' :)
(:foxend upvotes:)
(:fox downvotes redirect={*$FullName} post=1:)
(:foxptv target={=$FullName} ptvfields=votes :)
(:input hidden votes '{$$(sub {{=$FullName}?:votes} 1)}':)
(:input image name=post src='http://..../pmwiki/uploads/Ideas/down.png' :)
(:foxend downvotes:)
(:include {=$FullName} lines=3:)
(:template last:)

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