[pmwiki-users] Fox form redirect

Randy randy at brownragfilms.com
Sat Mar 1 18:57:47 CST 2008


Suggestion: instead of making the form page the default for cancel,  
I'd make redirection go to the same page as success unless told  
otherwise. I can't think of any cases where the users will want to end  
up on the form page when it's different from the calling page.

For example, I use Foxedit to edit sections of a page. Users will want  
to return to the page being edited whether they post or cancel.

Making redirection the same for both post and cancel also avoids  
forcing developers to change their existing forms unless they choose  
to take advantage of the new capability.

The argument for making the form the default would be that it forces  
developers to be explicit (at least the developers who bother to test  
Cancel). I think failing gracefully is better.



On Mar 1, 2008, at 6:27 PM, Hans wrote:

> I updated fox.php just now, and added a cancelredirect=PageName
> option, which can be used for redirecting with the Cancel button to a
> different page than with redirect=Page.
> If cancelredirect is not used, and a Cancel button is clicked, the
> redirect will go to thecurrent form page, thereby clearing all input
> fields of previous data.
> This change means that a form which is called by another page may
> need to explicitely set cancelredirect to the calling page, so a
> Cancel will redirect there instead of the form page.

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