[pmwiki-users] EditMore not removing/updating tags

adam overton a at plus1plus1plus.org
Sun Mar 2 05:15:01 CST 2008

hi there
1st time poster to this list (!)

was wondering if i could ask a question about the Cookbook code for  
so far it's proving pretty useful for creating tags automatically -  
the problem i'm running into is that it's not letting me fully remove  
or change the tags i create.

for instance, let's say i have a page and add the following tags into  
the EditMore (:input e_tags:) blank:
- tag1, tag2

then i come back later and decide to add another tag:
- tag1, tag2, tag3    (the form actually displays this: [[!tag1]], [[! 
tag2]] ... and i add tag3

and then i come back and decide i didn't like some of those tags:
- tag2    (tag1 & 3 removed)

when displayed on the main page using {$:tag}, i still get the very  
first set of tags:
- tag1, tag2
(in fact, tag3 never showed up in between rounds when it should have)

so: the main page with the {$:tag} doesn't seem to be updating/ 
removing-the-old-tags, though (:input e_tags:) IS getting updated.

question: any ideas on how i could tweak the EditMore code so that it  
officially removes discarded tags?
(or could i be doing something wrong?)

btw, here's an excerpt of what's posted in the actual page file after  
having tags added then removed - it appears that the new tags are  
just being appended to the front of a list, and the old tags are just  
sticking around, not being removed...

. . .
text=(:tags:[[!tag2]]:)%0a(:tags:[[!tag1]], [[!tag2]], [[!tag3]]:)%0a 
(:tags:[[!tag1]], [[!tag2]]:)%0a
. . .

many thanks in advance!

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