[pmwiki-users] fox: custom ptvfmt

noskule noskule at gmx.net
Mon Mar 3 04:06:05 CST 2008

Hans schrieb:
> Sunday, March 2, 2008, 10:27:53 PM, noskule wrote:
>> Is it somehow possible to make "custom" ptv which supports all 
>> wikimarkup but is invisible? Something like:
>> [[#!Text]]
>> [[#!Text]]
> before this you enquired about the (::PTVName:Value::) markup,
> And I gave you the PTV pattern definition for this as well as the
> markup which makes it invisible.
Sorry beeing unspezific, I used your ptvdefinition and markup to build 
the hidden section one. The markup for make it invisible works. But the 
PageTextVarPatterns seems not to be recognized. Testwise I modified 
fox.php for the new ptvfmt. So my question should be:
* Can I do it without modifing fox.php.
* what is wrong with the $PageTextVarPatterns, it don't get recoginzed

fox.php 1220:
    case 'hiddensection' :   //add as hidden anchor section
        $text = $text."\n[[!#".$key."]]\n$val\n[[!#".$key."end]]\n"; break;

hides the section:
    Markup('hiddensection::', '<split',
        '/\\[\\[!#[\\d\\w]+\\]\\].*\\[\\[!#[\\d\\w]+end\\]\\]/s', '');

should make a ptv (but seams not to work)
    $PageTextVarPatterns['hiddensection'] = 

> Installing this should have done what you are asking.
> So why is that not a solution for you?
> What markup does it not support?
> What markup breaks it? - Obviously inserting ::)
Yes, and this is very close to smilies code. I accidently did this 
allready. The reason way I would like a "hidden section" with the markup 
above is that I use it for the main content of all wikipages. So I would 
like tho minimize the risk of accidently breaking the markup. And the 
section markup [[#Text]]XXX[[#Textend]] seams more robust than (::ptv: 
::). To make use of templates I need it invisible.

grz nos

> will close the PTV
> prematurely. But that is a problem for any PTV defined with a start
> and an ending marker.
>   ~Hans

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