[pmwiki-users] TinyMCE (wysiwyg again)

Martin Kerz martin at kerz.org
Mon Mar 3 12:37:47 CST 2008

Hi there,

I recently was able to lay my hands on Apple's new Wiki-engine in Mac  
OS X server. It's working really great. It has a really lean and  
uncluttered interface _and_ a wysiwyg-editor.
The company using the new Wiki functions recently switched from  
MediaWiki and the users are really happy about wysiwyg editing. That's  
why I wondered if pmwiki couldn't in a way adapt tinymce to be used.  
MoinMoin is doing this as well, afaik. That means it should be somehow  
possible to convert the html tinymce produces to wiki markup.

What do you think/say?

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