[pmwiki-users] notify confusion

Salmons, Michael SalmonsM at missouri.edu
Tue Mar 4 12:38:41 CST 2008



I'm trying to get notification setup for our farm. Some notifications
work, some don't. I'm at that point that I think I'm just confusing
myself by continuing to work on it.  So I need a fresh perspective!


I have a notification set to let me know if someone has edited the main
wiki sidebar. The main wiki on our site has a home address of, we'll say
for the sake of argument, webaddress/wikiroot/pmwiki.php. Pages in the
main wiki have the URL /wikiroot/pmwiki.php?n=Group.PageName.php.  


In wikiroot/local/config.php, I have the following:


$EnableNotify = 1;

$NotifyList[] = 'notify=me at wherever.com name=Site.SideBar';


That notification DOES work.


In addition to a main wiki, we have several wikis in subdirectories. The
admin of one of those wikis wants notification for one of her pages. The
URL for the page is /wikiroot/NameofOtherWiki/index.php? n=Main.
DepartmentNews. So in /wikiroot/NameofOtherWiki/local.config.php I have:


$EnableNotify = 1;

$NotifyList[] = 'notify=somebody at wherever.com name= Main.


That notification does NOT work.


Any ideas? Anything I should double-check? Does this have to do with the
farm setup? 









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