[pmwiki-users] content refused

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Wed Mar 5 11:09:00 CST 2008

jdd wrote:
> Hello :-)
> I try to insert in my Pmwiki his text:
> http://dodin.org/mediawiki/index.php/Andromaque
> and it *is* a size limit problem, because I can insert half of the 
> text, but not all
> any idea?
> thanks
> jdd

I had a similar problem, and it wasn't due to the size.

It would accept about half the page, but not the word "open". My php 
configuration was blocking that word. (It might be used to "open" files 
and do nasty things.)

The work-around was to use put [=  =] around the problem word. My server 
guy then loosened up the security a bit for me.


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