[pmwiki-users] Wiki Farm Problems

Dr. Jonathan Sprinkle sprinkle at ece.arizona.edu
Thu Mar 6 16:29:27 CST 2008

Well, I¹ve given up hope for a good solution, and done hacking instead.
Thanks to a significant amount of debugging help from Steven Leite (cc¹d), I
ruled out systematically lots of things that didn¹t help identify my

Fundamentally, I was still unable to use local/config.php options in any
farm field. This was with v 2.1.27 and 2.2.0-beta65. I created files only as
prescribed in the wiki farms instructions page.

My fix is described at the bottom of this page:


By an unknown contributor. Since I generate all my farms from a script, it
is not too much of a price to pay to add the extra line to index.php...

I think there is a problem outside my configuration options. After
temporarily removing every wiki except a brand new, no frills wiki, without
even a wiki.d directory, and no changes whatsoever to the config.php, and no
.htaccess rewrites, creating a single farm works, until creating a
local/config.php (I tested this by setting the wikititle to ³My Farm Wiki²
in farmconfig.php, and then trying to override it to ³My Custom Farm Wiki²
in local/config.php, but it would read ³PmWiki² instead). More of these
details are below, though I will take down the wikis in a few weeks.

Many thanks again to Steven for all his debugging help. I¹m sure this is a
problem out of my control, like the version of PHP that my server is running
or something. If you still care at all by this point, the phpinfo for my
server can be found at:


Below here are the 3 wikis that show the problems.

Simple install with a config.php (directly copied from docs), and a
farmconfig.php with the only contents of setting WikiTltle=²My Farm Wiki²,
shows title ³Pm Wiki²

Farm wiki with no local/config.php file, correctly shows title ³My Farm

Farm wiki with local/config.php with only contents the PMWiki exit, and
WikiTitle=²My Custom Farm Wiki², still shows ³Pm Wiki²

If you want to know more details, I can give them to you. Otherwise, it¹s
³Case closed² for me, with regrets that I couldn¹t do it without
hacking...I¹ll probably unsubscribe to the mailing list in a few days, so
you can email me directly.

 Jonathan Sprinkle, Ph.D.
 Assistant Professor
 University of Arizona

 sprinkle at ECE.Arizona.Edu
 (520) 626-0737 (work)

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