[pmwiki-users] Fox form checkbox problem

Randy randy at brownragfilms.com
Fri Mar 7 13:50:28 CST 2008

My Fox form is no longer handling unselected values the way it used  
to, at least for checkboxes.

For example, if the user selects only one of two checkboxes, I get  
output like:

{$$vote1} B

instead of just: B

Any ideas on why that might happen, and how to fix it?

Here is some code that produces the effect:

(:Option1: Option1 :)
(:Option2: Option2 :)
(:fox test #append author={$Author}:)(:input default vote "":)
(:input hidden foxfields vote1,vote2 :)

(:foxtemplate "|{$$vote1} |{$$vote2} |(:if author {$$author}:) 
{[foxdelline]}(:if:) | " :)
(:if !equal {$:Option1} "":)
(:input checkbox vote1 [[~{$$author}]]:) {$:Option1} {$:Description1}
(:if !equal {$:Option2} "":)
(:input checkbox vote2 [[~{$$author}]]:) {$:Option2} {$:Description2}
(:input hidden csum 'test':)
(:input submit post "Enter":)
(:foxend test:)
||width=100% border=0
|!{$:Option1} |!{$:Option2} | |
(:foxappend test:)

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