[pmwiki-users] categories - names, i18n

Peter & Melodye Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Sat Mar 8 04:08:47 CST 2008

> That said, there's a good point to be made that perhaps
> [[!ABC | text]] should work.  Opinions?

I have found the [[link|display text]] (especially [[link|+]] for titles)
feature EXTREMELY valuable and have found myself on a few different
occasions experimenting with it to see if I could use it for categories,
profiles, intermap links, attachments, etc., some of which worked and some
didn't.  Recently we had an extended discussion on this list re PTV
definition that IIRC could have been solved (was solved?) with a
(:var:val|display text:) syntax.  I think it's a hugely useful and intuitive
syntax in MANY contexts and should be available wherever possible.

Maybe a recipe to implement it in these contexts (above) and others that
people think of...?  Then maybe it becomes a core candidate if others agree
on its usefulness...?

Just my $0.02.  


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