[pmwiki-users] pages with (:redirect:) in group 'PmWiki'

Christian Bartolomaeus bartolin at gmx.de
Tue Mar 11 16:05:02 CDT 2008


there are some pages in the group 'PmWiki' which simple redirect to
other pages (e.g. WikiWords -> WikiWord, SimpleTables -> Tables ...).

Working on the German documentation it is useful to have a list of
all English documentation pages and to compare that list with a list
of German pages. We create those pages with page lists. But pages
with a (:redirect:) directive are a bit irritating, because they
appear as English documentation pages, but we don't want to create
them in PmWikiDe.

So my questions are:

1.) Would it be okay to tag those pages in PmWiki with a page text
    variable like

      (:Redirect: true:)

    If so, we could filter our list of "relevant" documenation pages
    based on this page text variable.

2.) Is there a better way to filter those pages? 

3.) Would is be okay to delete pages with a simple redirect directive
    in 'PmWiki' -- after searching for 'back links' and adjusting
    those? Since there would still be problems with external links to
    those pages it might be better to keep them.


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