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Sameer Kumar skumar at eharch.com
Wed Mar 12 19:38:53 CDT 2008


It seems FoxNotify breaks the Forum/CreateNewTopic form...

With the additional FoxNotify directives at the bottom of the form,
every page the form creates is now named as Forum.NameFromFilter (!!)

Every subsequent new post gets appended to the same post!!

It seems that it is taking the (:input hidden topicpage "name from
filter":) literally!


I have checked and without the last line starting "Send Notification
emails...", the form works correctly.


For your reference, the entire form looks like this:



(:fox newtopicform foxgroup={$Group} redirect={$$topicpage}
formcheck=topic,heading,text,author pagecheck={$$topicpage}:)

(:input hidden target {$$topicpage} :)

(:input hidden template FoxTemplates.FormTemplates#newtopic :)

(:input hidden topicpage "name from filter":)

(:input hidden FoxCount {*$:FoxCount}:)

(:input hidden foxfilter FoxCount,FoxTopicName:)

(:input hidden csum 'New Topic added':)

|| ||'''Subject:'''||

|| ||(:input text topic size=70:)

|| ||'''Compose your post:'''||

|| ||(:guibuttons:)||

|| ||(:input textarea id=text name=text cols=60 rows=6 class=inputtext:)

(:if enabled EnableAccessCode:)

|| ||Enter value {$AccessCode} (:input text access size=3
class=inputtext:)(:input hidden accesscode {$AccessCode}:)  <- Have you
entered the code number?||

(:if enabled EnablePostCaptchaRequired:)

|| ||Enter value {$Captcha} (:input captcha class=inputtext:) <- Have
you entered the code number?||


|| Author:||(:input text author value='{$Author}' size=30
class=inputtext:) (:input submit post Enter:) ||

|| Send Notification emails to:||(:input hidden foxfilter
FoxNotify:)(:input select foxnotify[] all "All":)(:input select
foxnotify[] admin "Administrators" selected=selected:)(:input select
foxnotify[] editors "Editors":)(:input select foxnotify[] "" "None":) ||

(:foxend newtopicform:)

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