[pmwiki-users] Fox & pagelist : strange behaviour

Jean-Fabrice [gmail] jeanfabrice at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 09:43:46 CDT 2008


Here is a sample form :
(:fox addme :)
(:foxtemplate "dummy":)
(:input text target:)
(:input hidden foxgroup Test:)
(:input submit post ok:)
(:foxend addme:)
(:pagelist group=Test:)

This code shows :
1/ a form to add a page in the group 'Test'
2/ the list of pages in the group 'Test'

When I create a page using this form, the pagelist find the just
created page but add a '?action=edit' to the page link. It is like the
page was found but does not exist !!!
If I refresh the form page, the '?action=link' disappear.

NB : pagelist caching is disable on this wiki
NB2 : I have test this on a brand new pmwiki beta65 with latest fox release.


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