[pmwiki-users] Putting a Colon in a Definition List?

Andrew Standfield andy at scruffyco.com
Thu Mar 13 13:02:35 CDT 2008

Ah ha!

I kinda-sorta fixed it.

I just used [=:=] to prevent the formatting of the colon I wanted to  
actually show. So:

	Lions[=:=]:The king of the jungle cats

Produces the expected:

		The King of the jungle cats

That works fine and dandy. The HTML output is perfect, too.

But I'm still curious as to whether one can define entities or not.



On Mar 13, 2008, at 10:46 AM, Andrew Standfield wrote:

> Oh my...
> I have text that uses a colon which I want to put in a definition  
> list (specifically in the Definition Term). The problem is, that  
> the colon terminates the dt tag. The result (which is kind of  
> interesting) is that the character immediately following the colon  
> then appears as the first character of the dd.
> So, if i were to markup the following:
> 	:Lions::King of the jungle cats:
> The result would look something like this:
> 	Lions
> 		:King of the jungle cats
> As opposed to the expected:
> 	Lions:
> 		King of the jungle cats
> This markup:
> 	:"Lions:":King of the jungle cats:
> Would produce:
> 	"Lions
> 		":King of the jungle cats
> I tried using the HTML entity: &58; (if your email program parses  
> that in to an actual colon... I wrote "ampersand 58 semicolon") but  
> it merely output the code (i.e. it literally output "&58;")
> I'm at a loss of what to do. Is there anyplace where I can define  
> entities? The SpecialCharactersList (http://www.pmwiki.com/wiki/ 
> PmWiki/SpecialCharactersList) does not list the colon and says that  
> these entities are defined in RSS.php; a file I can not find  
> (looked in /scripts/).
> Thanks,
> Andy

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