[pmwiki-users] Fox Question: How to change foxsuccess=String to not show pagename

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Sat Mar 15 07:49:07 CDT 2008

Saturday, March 15, 2008, 11:31:00 AM, Graham Archer wrote:

>  How can I set the success text message to just show the success string and not show the pagename?

I had not made this as an optional choice yet.
But I thought it over and removed the $tgtname variable from the
message string in fox.php.

Try latest update 2008-03-15:

If one wants the targetname as part of the foxsuccess or foxfailure
message, then one can add it as a replacement variable, with the
value taken from the input, for instance:

     foxsuccess="Successful post to {$$target}"

or as a link like

     foxsuccess="Successful post to [[{$$target}(?action=browse)]]"

(the ?action=browse needs to be added for the link as otherwise the
link may show to go to a non-existant page (even though it may just
been created), because the page is not reloaded with a redirect).

The default foxsuccess and foxfailure messages (not using the
parameters foxsuccess='...' and foxfailure='...' ) will still display
the target name as part of the message.


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