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carlos.ab at gmail.com carlos.ab at gmail.com
Sun Mar 16 02:10:02 CDT 2008

Em Sábado 15 Março 2008 17:18, Vince Administration escreveu:
> e a good idea. Then settings would not be  
> depending on where the variables are set.
> This is more important for Fox, because there are lots of variables.  
> But what I would suggest is that
> you call the array FoxConfig, and not just Fox, and also to populate  
> the array with the
> entries from the variables. What I mean is that when fox.php is  
> called, it checks which (scalar) variables have been
> set, and fills in the appropriate entries in the array. This way  
> present usage will not break.
>        Vince

I think it is a good idea and I did the same thing for one recipe I'm doing.

I had another idea with that one and I don't know if this is good or bad to be 
used with fox, but I did a simple function called SCDV and other called 
SCDVA, based on SDV and SDVA, the C is for conditional and it is something 
like this:

function SCDV($cnd,&$var,$val){  # SET CONDITIONAL DEFAULT VALUE
  if("($cnd)") if(!isset($var)) $var=$val;

  if("($cnd)") foreach($val as $k=>$v) if(!isset($var[$k])) $var[$k]=$v;

and I use it like this:

$EnableSkinOptions & $EnableSkinFont & ($fnt <= 6),
    'ini' => "#wiki-main{font-size:",
    'end' => "%}"

$EnableSkinOptions & $EnableSkinFont & ($fnt >= '7'),
    'ini' => "#body{font-size:",
    'end' => "%}"

The functions helped me clean my code a bit and I was able to play with 
conditionals to set some of the options for a skin.

Just a thought,


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