[pmwiki-users] Googlemap

manfred at mabitoka.de manfred at mabitoka.de
Sun Mar 16 04:00:07 CDT 2008


I am trying to use the google map recipe as found in:
using the developer branch.

My pmwiki version is pmwiki-2.2.0-beta65 <http://www.pmwiki.org>

I implemented the example in the recipe at 
http://aktiv.mabitoka.de/Map/Map1 . But I miss the text information and 
the link example does not work as far as I understand these functions. 
Do these lines from the example really work as expected?

(:gma-point lat=56.0 lon=-84.0 text='Take me away to that special place.':)
(:gma-point lat=53.0 lon=-84.0 link='in text link':)
(:gma-point lat=57.0 lon=-83.0 note='No directions to this point.':)

What do I want? Mark a point on the map, set a small textinfo and a link 
to a wiki page where I can explain the location in the map. Any one out 
there to help?


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