[pmwiki-users] Announce: Many Upgrades to the Content Recipe

Martin Fick mogulguy at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 18 16:11:32 CDT 2008

The Content Recipe has undergone some major upgrades
in the last week.  Many of the improvements have been
API improvements for passing arguments to converters,
but there have also been some dramatic caching
improvements which should speed up the Music recipe
and previews drastically!

Changes in the last month:

* Fixed caching bug. Cached contents was being deleted
on editing instead of saving (noticed by Patrick Ogay)
* Enable log file appending to previews (suggested by
Patrick Ogay)
* Major fixes to caching, caching is used more
aggressively now
* Some caching is used for previews now! 

* Added the args= and defargs= options to the
(:content:) directive
* Arguments are now annotated with dot '.' so that the
comma can be used to separate values in directive
option lists
* Added support for custom argument processing via an
external function to the FSConverter, upgraded the
registering function signature for this converter
* Added the (:contentlist:) directive
* Added a mechanism to log converter output for a page
and the action=contentlog to view it
* Added the ContentLog($cp, $text) function 

* Added support for 3 inline types (made the Sdml
recipe possible)
* Fixed the ContentFSConverter() so that it can handle
input and output types with the same extension 

Check out the recipe page here for more info:


Feedback welcomed, thanks,


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