[pmwiki-users] Validating and appending data from Forms and Displaying

Justin Davies justin.davies at merton.ox.ac.uk
Thu Mar 20 11:29:11 CDT 2008


I would like to create a sign-up sheet for an event. Before moving to
PmWiki I used a perl script for this form with a simple csv file
containing all the allowed emails. I simply recorded the registered
emails in another csv file and dynamically generated a page listing
those registered.

I would like to recreate this system within PmWiki.

I believe a form simple fields would suffice for input. I would want
to at least validate the email (i.e. match the regexp /^.+ at .+\..+$/ ),
or preferably verify it with a list of acceptable emails (this is a
members club where everyone has an email already). I would also like
to be able to generate a page listing those already registered.

I looked at ZAPForms, but it appears this is no longer supported. Is
anyone else doing something similar to this?


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