[pmwiki-users] captcha & fox problem

adam overton a at plus1plus1plus.org
Fri Mar 21 02:32:50 CDT 2008

i'm having a problem with captcha
i'm using the fox comment box recipe to put some comment boxes on a  
couple pages, with a captcha code box next to it.

i have the fox stuff on the page itself, referencing Site.FoxCommentBox
in my config file i have $EnablePostCaptchaRequired = 1;

it seems that when $EnablePostCaptchaRequired is enabled, the Captcha  
works fine for the form on the page - exactly as i'd like it to; but  
now whenever i try edit *any other page on the entire site*, such a  
wikisandbox page, none of my edits are taking effect. instead, on  
every edit form page, at the top of the box it says "Must enter valid  

it appears the $EnablePostCaptchaRequired affects the entire site,  
making every page require a captcha code. is there a way to subvert  
that? i don't want to enter captcha codes when i'm editing, but do  
want it for the 2 pages with comment boxes.



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