[pmwiki-users] Presentation

Lucile Fievet lucile.fievet at eufar.net
Fri Mar 21 06:23:16 CDT 2008

Hi, my name is lucile fievet,

I am testing PmWiki, and I really like it :o)
I try to integrate it, and use it for www.eufar.net

For our users :

For us to make web site page :

As I am starting I guess I made many mistakes. Take this like a first draft.

On http://dev.eufar.net/wiki/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/EufarWiki/EufarWiki
I integrated my usual style sheet without many changes; so the result is 
quite ... not so bad ;o)

And I added an action "view" to produce just a naked content page :
(I did a bit like for print action, view might be confusing maybe I 
should have named it export..)

I integrate naked page in my web site, witch has got a complicated frame 
(it is an old creepy DreamWeaver produced web site I try to reanimate) 
structure with tricky menus.

Also, I was wondering how it was possible to include forms ?
I found some hint there :
but it is quite short.

best regards,

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