[pmwiki-users] pagelist order

Sameer Kumar skumar at eharch.com
Fri Mar 21 10:14:52 CDT 2008

>      or more easy to read and still short like


>      $PageListSortCmp['shortyear'] = 'ShortYear($x, $y)';

>      function ShortYear($x, $y) {

>      $dx = PageVar($x, '$Name');

>      $dy = PageVar($y, '$Name');

>      $x = (substr($dx,0,2)>=50 ? '0'.$dx : '1'.$dx);

>      $y = (substr($dy,0,2)>=50 ? '0'.$dy : '1'.$dy);

>      return strcmp($x, $y);

>      }

And previously


>      then use as in this example:


>      (:pagelist group=Projects list=normal fmt=-shortyear:)



I am currently using a custom pagelist format fmt=#projlist which is a
sortable table. 

Is there a way to integrate the above within the existing format or use
it as a sorting method (order=...) instead of a fmt?


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