[pmwiki-users] Which Recipes Would Work Best?

Andrew Standfield andy at scruffyco.com
Fri Mar 21 12:39:53 CDT 2008

I have an idea for a site, but there's some particular things I want  
to try to implement with it. I want to pick the lists collective  
knowledge to see waht the best way of going about adding these things  
might be.

So here's the laundry list. Point me to recipes and schemes that  
would make this easy, but more importantly... effective.

Authors must be a registered member to write, but registration is an  
open thing (ie, anyone can self-register).

Articles written by members are non-public until approved by a  

RSS feed does not update for every change, only when new articles are  

Content of feed is summaries of the articles. That is, each entry on  
the feed summarizes (or even excerpts) one new article.

I'm totally open to all ideas how to go about this, even looking at  
things from a different perspective. Like, is membership the best way  
to go about it? Should I have a "submit article" link that just  
creates a new page which is held in a moderator queue? My fears there  
would be that heavy spamming would take too much time to moderate and  
quality articles would go unpublished. Also, each of the articles  
should be able to give Author credit, and each author can have their  
own profile page...

Thanks for any help, and any ideas,


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