[pmwiki-users] Validating and appending data from Forms and Displaying

Peter & Melodye Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Fri Mar 21 16:47:46 CDT 2008

> I would like to create a sign-up sheet for an event. Before moving to
> PmWiki I used a perl script for this form with a simple csv file
> containing all the allowed emails. I simply recorded the registered
> emails in another csv file and dynamically generated a page listing
> those registered.
> I would like to recreate this system within PmWiki.

Here's how it would look with WikiSh:

===(snip the-page-with-the-form)===
{(wikish_form QUICKFORM PROCESS)}
(:input text name=address:)
(:input submit name=b value="Sign Up":)
{(wikish source WikiSh.Validate#A)}

That's the entire form -- the QUICKFORM argument is a shorthand for the rest
of the input directives.

The validation script has been put in WikiSh.Validate#A just for
readability.  It could have been placed in the form itself as well, but
since MarkupExpressions don't support multi-lines it is kind of hard to read
- the following line would substitute for the {(wikish source ...)} line:

{(wikish if test -n ${address}; then; if test ${address} ~=
/^[a-zA-Z]\w*@[\w.]*$/; then; echo "Yep, got a match"; if grep -q
"^${address}$" WikiSh.Attendees; then; echo "You are already signed up";
else; if grep -q "^${address}$" WikiSh.MemberAddresses; then; echo
${address} >>WikiSh.Attendees; echo "You are now on the list."; else; echo
"Sorry, you are not a member."; fi; fi; else; echo "No, that does not look
like an email address"; fi; fi;)}

Since that is headache-inducing to read in a single line, the original form
above sources the script from a different page in multi-line form and that
section from that page follows:

===(snip WikiSh.Validate)===
if test -n ${address} # if there's no value then don't bother giving any
   if test ${address} ~= /^[a-zA-Z]\w*@[\w.]*$/
      echo "Yep, looks like an email address"
      if grep -q "^${address}$" WikiSh.Attendees
         echo "You are already signed up"
         if grep -q "^${address}$" WikiSh.MemberAddresses
            echo ${address} >>WikiSh.Attendees   # Here the address is
actually added
            echo "You are now on the list."
            echo "Sorry, you are not a member."
      echo "No, that does not look like an email address"

Hope that helps.


PS Make sure you've got an updated version of WikiSh as getting code from an
anchored section within a page is something just implemented.

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