[pmwiki-users] Is there a way to tell foxdelete where to redirect?

Randy randy at brownragfilms.com
Sat Mar 22 03:33:14 CDT 2008

Is there a way to specify where foxdelete redirects the user after the  
user presses the delete button?

I have a "controller" page that presents a series of forms one at a  
time. Each form is included from another page and the responses are  
saved on these other pages. The controller page knows which form to  
present based on a Get value in the URL.

My technique works fine for fox forms, because I can specify the  
redirection: 'target={$FullName} redirect={*$FullName}?page={$?page}'.  
But I don't see redirection capability for foxdelete. Without it, the  
user who deletes something via the delete button will go all the way  
back to page 1.

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